Tuesday, 5 May 2015

On being dumped after 50 years

One of the exciting things about life, I have always thought, is that however much one plans, one never knows what will actually happen next. So I have ‘embraced’ the uncertainty, and tried to work with it making the best of whatever life throws at me. Even horrendous, life changing events have to be treated as a stepping stone into another scene in life's rich tapestry - a terrible mixed metaphor but hopefully one with which others can concur.

As one gets older the not-so-good events often seem to outweigh the better events. Our pool of old friends and relatives seem to shrink as we lose them to ill health and worse, but then that should make us enjoy even more the lovely events like birth of new babies - and if they are our own grandchildren even better! But others' grandchildren can also be greatly enjoyed! - and celebrations. Weddings, anniversaries and birthdays can have heightened enjoyment as we age. Or is that just for me? Because I no longer worry that my outfit is the height of fashion or if anyone will be wearing the same one or colour. And as my daily meds do not allow drinking I know I won't get pissed and show myself up. And I don't have to dance so that my hosts don't think I am being anti social, now they just think the poor old girl is probably too arthritic. I'm not, I am being anti social but only I know that! And if I do dance and look daft, nobody is going to talk about me the next day. Or if they do it is of the 'Did you see Old Aunty B/Grandma, didn't she enjoy herself, bless her' sort of comment. Whilst I am still glowing at being able to kick my legs that high at my age!

However one event I didn't see coming was being dumped after a 50 year relationship, so in the spirit of making the best of it I decided to turn it into a blogging experience. For what purpose I am not quite sure. To share the new opportunities this now gives me? To rant and get my own back? To inspire others similarly afflicted? Maybe just because I can? Anyway whatever, watch this space. Or not. And laugh at the picture above because we don't have enough opportunities to laugh, especially when we really want to lay on the floor and have a tantrum. Something that really looks better on a little one than an old one.....